Automate creating support tickets in Gorgias ticketing platform for ecommerce and retail brands.

How do I add this App to my dashboard?


This seamless, no-code app connects Ada with your Gorgias ticketing platform to automate support ticket creation within Answer flows.

  • Routing capabilities to identify non-urgent issues that can be deflected to tickets
  • Automated rule-based tagging for agents to easily classify and/or filter tickets in Gorgias back-end
  • Pass along full conversation transcript, AI-powered transcript summary, and customer information with the created ticket to provide agents with context for speedy resolution

Brand value

  • Seamless no-code integration with Gorgias for rapid time to value
  • Speed up resolution by arming agents with data-rich context and quick summaries, enabling best-in-class experiences for both customers and agents
  • Set agents up for success by deflecting non-urgent issues to tickets, protecting their time from manual administrative tasks, and reserving their priority and focus on high-value interactions


Gorgias license

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Connect to APIs with our Request Block

A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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