Salesforce Live Chat

Easily escalate customer interactions from Ada to a live agent in Salesforce.

How do I add this App to my dashboard?


Give customers and live agents a best-in-class experience with the Salesforce Live Chat App. The app integrates out-of-the-box, and allows you to seamlessly hand off conversations from Ada to your support team in Salesforce, while letting customers stay within the same UI.

  • Live agents can instantly enter and exit the Ada chat to take over the conversation, while remaining in their Salesforce dashboard
  • Full conversation transcripts, AI-powered conversation summaries, and customer data are intelligently passed to agents so they can swiftly resolve inquiries and reduce customer effort
  • Support customers and experiences in any channel, including web, mobile, social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more

Brand value

  • Speed up resolution by intelligently providing live agents with the rich customer and conversational data needed to efficiently help customers
  • Ada’s unrivalled conversational AI delivers hyper-personalized automated experiences to customers, increasing containment and reserving agents for high-value conversations that drive revenue and loyalty
  • See rapid time to value and reduce the dependency on IT with this no-code integration


Salesforce Service Cloud Enterprise OR Unlimited license

Use cases

See how you can deliver more valuable brand interactions with Ada and Salesforce Live Chat.

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Use Case:
Escalation, Routing, Sales Handoff

CRM, Live Chat

Increase adoption rate and onboarding speed with personalized proactive interactions

Use Case:
Sales Handoff

Live Chat

Identify leads with high purchase intent and hand off to sales.

Use Case:
Conversion, Purchase, Sales Handoff

CRM, Live Chat

Speed up the time to close deals with direct agent hand off with context.

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Connect to APIs with our Request Block

A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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