Zendesk Live Chat

Seamlessly hand off conversations from Ada to a live agent in Zendesk, all within Ada's UI.

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Give customers a consistent, uninterrupted experience with the Zendesk Live Agent App. Easily integrate Ada with Zendesk to seamlessly escalate conversations from automation to a live agent when a human touch is needed. Agents can instantly join the conversation in Ada’s chat UI and are given the context they need to efficiently resolve inquiries and build meaningful relationships with customers.

  • A full transcript of the conversation is passed to the agent in Zendesk, along with an AI-powered transcript summary to save them time and speed up resolution
  • Set operating hours so customers are only connected to a live agent when they’re online
  • Customers can see their real-time position in the queue
  • Customers and live agents can exchange files during the handoff

Brand value

  • Delight customers with unified and personalized conversational experiences
  • Reduce customer effort by getting them speedy support through automation and giving them an effortless access to an agent when needed
  • Save agent time and effort with Ada’s industry-leading conversational AI, reserving them for high-value interactions and letting them build meaningful relationships with customers
  • Speed up resolution by providing agents with the rich context they need to quickly resolve inquiries and provide personalized experiences to customers


Zendesk Chat Enterprise OR Zendesk Suite Enterprise

Use cases

See how you can deliver more valuable brand interactions with Ada and Zendesk Live Chat.

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Use Case:
Escalation, Routing, Sales Handoff

CRM, Live Chat

Increase adoption rate and onboarding speed with personalized proactive interactions

Use Case:
Conversion, Purchase, Sales Handoff

CRM, Live Chat

Speed up the time to close deals with direct agent hand off with context.

Use Case:
Booking Meetings, Onboarding

CRM, Meeting Booking System

Increase adoption rate and onboarding speed with personalized, interactions.

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A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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