Create, update, and lookup contacts in HubSpot using Ada’s powerful Automated Brand Interaction platform.

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Using HubSpot to manage and nurture customer leads? Ada’s out-of-the-box HubSpot app allows you to connect your account in under three minutes. Drag and drop the block into any Answer flow and start building more meaningful relationships with customers.

  • Capture the chatter’s information to automatically create a new contact or update an existing customer in HubSpot
  • Seamlessly lookup customer information in HubSpot using an email authentication or the UTK (HubSpot Cookie)

Brand value

  • Convert leads into contacts in HubSpot, engage prospects, and turn prospects into customers using Ada’s industry-leading conversational AI
  • Save agent time and effort, reserving them for high-value interactions and driving strategic contact management initiatives and results



  • HubSpot account

Use cases

See how you can deliver more valuable brand interactions with Ada and HubSpot.

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Use Case:
Lead Capture

CRM, Marketing Automation Platform

Capture leads faster by replacing static forms with engaging conversations.

Use Case:
Lead Capture

CRM, Marketing Automation Platform

Engage with customers, capture more leads, and bring customers into your funnel.

Use Case:
Lead Qualification, Routing


Qualify customers and quickly route them to the best product that meets their needs.

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Connect to APIs with our Request Block

A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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