Automatically create, update, and search leads and contacts in Marketo with Ada.

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Using Marketo as your marketing automation platform to manage and nurture leads? Ada has you covered with our out-of-the-box Marketo app. Connect your Marketo account with Ada in under three minutes. Drag and drop the block into any Answer flow to automatically:

  • Collect user information in the chat and create a new lead or update an existing lead in Marketo
  • Lookup a lead in Marketo using an email address or user’s Munchkin cookie

Brand value

  • Automatically engage and convert traffic into qualified leads into your Marketo platform, keeping your reps focused on selling and converting sales
  • Leverage user information in Marketo to nurture your leads with personalized experiences across their entire journey, increasing brand loyalty and conversion rates


  • Marketo account

Use cases

See how you can deliver more valuable brand interactions with Ada and Marketo.

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Use Case:
Event Sign Up

Event Platform

Speedily recruit registrants and sign them up for events.

Use Case:
Conversion, Lead Qualification

Ask the right qualifying questions to engage the customer and provide them with the right solution at the right price.

Use Case:
Lead Capture


Engage with prospective customers to capture more leads and bring them into your funnel.

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Connect to APIs with our Request Block

A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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