Deliver an automated and personalized VIP experience to each customer in WhatsApp.

How do I add this App to my dashboard?


Seamlessly automate brand interactions in the channels your customers use everyday. Give agents full conversational context for speedy resolutions in the same WhatsApp UI.

  • Power personalized, VIP experiences that allow customers to self-serve and resolve questions to build trust and loyalty
  • Instantly create and update tickets in your CXP, and triage and route interactions to the right agent for timely resolution
  • Live chat agents can instantly enter and exit the conversation in the WhatsApp interface, delivering a connected and consistent experience

Brand value

  • Provide a consistent, connected experience across every customer touchpoint to drive loyalty
  • Use one automation layer for building and connecting across teams and systems, allowing customers to self-serve in the channel of their choice
  • A single platform for all your brand interactions provides a unified approach to training and improvement across the organization



  • WhatsApp channel
  • Advanced or Pro package

If you use Zendesk:

  • SunCo license
  • Zendesk Messaging or Zendesk Social Messaging

More ways to connect with Ada


Connect to APIs with our Request Block

A block that is available to work with individual API endpoints.

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