Prospects and customers can schedule a meeting, using Calendly, without leaving the chat.

How do I add this App to my dashboard?


The Calendly App allows customers and employees to book meetings with your team directly inside of Ada’s chat UI.

  • Calendly calendar and availability is embedded into Ada’s chat UI when the workflow is triggered, allowing your customers or employees to self-serve scheduling when chatting with the bot
  • Events are sent directly to your Calendar system, and confirmations are sent to the chatter
  • The experience is supported across channels: web, mobile, and implemented social channels

Brand value

  • Increase adoption rate, demo booking conversion rate, and onboarding experiences for your new customers or employees with personalized interactions
  • Automate administrative tasks by allowing customers and employees to self-serve with scheduling, so your sales and services teams can focus on what they do best
  • Provide consistently seamless scheduling experience across any channels your customers and employees prefer


Calendly account.

Use cases

See how you can deliver more valuable brand interactions with Ada and Calendly.

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Use Case:
Booking Meetings, Onboarding

CRM, Meeting Booking System

Increase adoption rate and onboarding speed with personalized, interactions.

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